Samsung Galaxy Grand Cases With Latest Version

asdSamsung galaxy grand is known for a swanky and sumptuous look getting popular amidst the youngster who always conscious to have a brand. This Smartphone needs to be a secure wall and a stylish cover which make it damage free. Our daily life is very rough and dusty, it makes us to face harsh atmosphere such as dust, extreme heat and accidental handling that often create a situation to the risk of developing a bumps and scratching even surface texture destroyed.

A person buy a Samsung galaxy grand phone after paying an expensive amount, hence it needs to be a perfect cure and caution. For this numerous mobile manufacturing companies launched a mobile cases and cover as per each mobile model at very good price. You just need to invest some time over the internet and try to grab a quality Smartphone cover that looks good and also fits on your Samsung phone.

Online store exhibit multiple Samsung galaxy grand cases which are protects the mobile device from all types of damages. I know that Samsung users have umpteen choices when it comes to take mobile cases from any store. Today, we have various online stores where the companies offer versatile varieties of Samsung galaxy grand 2 cover at very reasonable price. This option is very effective in today’s running life because nobody has time to make a market search through walk when the world is getting close to the online shopping opportunity. These covers are made using standard quality raw material such as hard plaster, soft TPU, PU leather and silicon that are certified after tested in the laboratory. It looks exquisite style and impeccable functionality which make this cover most selling every month. The laboratory in-charge pass these covers after ensuring that cover are robust and rugged to withstand every day use and the wear and tear that is associated with it. Most diary case and wallet made of PU leather because they need regular twist.

Undoubtedly, Samsung users can go with this category because it is handy and perfectly match with your daily needs. It seems hard to select best Samsung cases from the mega store at once, hence users should be connect with latest version that most companies launches after studying the market sound. I know that you’re thinking how a case can protect front screen, then you don’t need to worry because TPU edges in front that save the screen from touching any surface below. This part the hard plastic but light to carry.

J.Crew Takes Normcore Too Far: The Adidas Sandal Comeback No One Wanted

J.Crew’s famous €Style Guide€ (a fancy word for catalogue) is making the rounds in mailboxes and at stores this week, and the unthinkable has happened€”the company is embracing normcore, and not in a good way. J.Crew, the brand synonymous with bedazzled oxford blouses, sequined sweatshirts, blue suede pumps and orange lipstick, is showing its signature preppy looks paired with the Adidas’ Adilette slide sandal for fall. Shudder.

A favorite of street style bloggers and normcore enthusiasts, the sandals are unflattering, unisex and only look good if you are 5’10€, bean-pole thin and your outfit was meticulously crafted by a professional stylist and flanked by an urban-chic loft. (And even then, the “look” is still more-than-dubious.)

We’re shocked that J.Crew didn’t put out a disclaimer on the shoe€”€Caution: The Adidas Adilette sandals should only be worn and operated by people with impeccable personal style. Proceed with caution or risk becoming a fashion victim.”

Yes, J.Crew often takes cues from street style blogs€”think baseball hats worn with shirt dresses or patent oxfords teamed with leather shorts€”but the styling is always super accessible, so it’s nothing that the brand’s target customer can’t handle.

Which is why we feel like we need to give J.Crew shoppers a little P.S.A on these Adidas sandals. Think of it as a how-to-wear guide, or better yet, a how-to-not-wear guide:

Do wear them to the beach, but only if you are going straight to the beach and then straight home.

Do not wear them with socks, unless you are a college-aged male. If you are a college-aged male, good luck getting laid.

Do wear them with a T-shirt and jeans/shorts, but only if you are doing the following activities: camping, gardening, washing your car, taking your dog for a walk, showering in a place that has questionably clean floors.

Do wear them to and from a work out. This makes sense.

Do not wear them to work, like J.Crew has suggested. Shame on you J.Crew,

My friend Smaggle recently posted about how to shop on Boxing Day like a boss.

It’s an extremely useful blog post and I wholeheartedly agree with all of her tips €¦ but I now have a new one to add to her list.

If you REALLY want to shop the sales like a boss and your post-Christmas budget extends to it, then I say book into a hotel smack bang in the centre of where all those sales are happening.

In Brisbane you can’t go past the Hilton Brisbane and we were lucky to be invited to spend the night there last weekend and give this sales’ shopping twist a go*.

And give it a go we did.

We being Mr SY and I.

Yes, Mr SY loves to shop (almost) as much as I do.

I was talking to an old friend recently about the topic of marriage and she had a theory that marrying someone who likes to hit the dance floor with you is a good sign as to how that marriage might survive.

I say marry someone who loves to dance but also someone who loves to shop. Therein lies a pretty sweet kind of spot.

Armchair psychology aside, my point is Mr SY did not baulk at the whole sales shopping staycation proposal.

Far from it.

We had Christmas gift cards and dollars to spend and took to our assigned task with gusto.

I’d planned out my hit list in advance with the help of online tracking. A few needs (another sports bra – I’m in love with this one from Triumph, doona cover for eldest son – let’s just say when he came home from residential college I didn’t bother washing his old doona, I binned it) and a few wants (beach bag, book and wide-brimmed hat for our holiday next week and headphones that don’t hurt when you’re wearing earrings).

5 Fashion Week Lessons For Instant It-Girl Style

Oh, Fashion Weeks–we can’t live without you, yet you remain so very out of reach. Indeed, a typical Fashion Week circuit is best experienced with a propensity for blowing budgets and landing in debt. Not only are flights and tickets exorbitant, but to do it up right, you’re expected to stay in a comfortably located hotel rather than a mucky Airbnb room and catch cabs rather than take the stenching subway. What’s a non-1% girl to do?

Fret not, because Fashion Week style can be easily achieved without having to jet-set to Milan with a cadre of soon-to-be-maxed-out credit cards. And because the current “in” looks favor the casual over the fancy, you need not break the bank to mimic the most chic style stars.

Adopt the following tricks, and you’ll have pseudo-It Girl status in no time.

1. Go big or go home
A common look at Fashion Week, be it London, Paris or Melbourne, is voluminous skirts or huge, tent-like tops. These high-impact separates indicate that you’ll gladly sacrifice your body shape in the name of fashion. Just never pair them together, because then you’ll indicate that you’re also willing to sacrifice good sense.

2. Don’t be afraid of see-through
The see-through trick, demonstrated by blogger Natalie JoosThe see-through trick, demonstrated by blogger Natalie Joos

Tulle, lace, perforated fabrics, nylon and sheer chiffon are big hits among Fashion Week ladies, because being highly un-wearable and too complicated to pull off in everyday life signals real style. Wear a sheer skirt with a long sweater and show them how it’s done.

3. Get messy with your hair
Anna Wintour may be an exception, but a big Fashion Week trend is I-don’t-care hair, often tucked into a collar. Sure, this look is mostly advocated by models or angelic creatures like Miroslava Duma, but you can try it out, too. For best results, pair your uncombed mane with massive sunglasses.

4. Carry a clutch
Miroslava Duma looks great in a chic clutchMiroslava Duma looks great in a chic clutch

Comfy messenger bags? Not at Fashion Week! The most stylish guests prefer clutches, preferably if they’re big and heavily decorated. Yes, they’re uncomfortable, but they look so very sophisticated when paired with matching nail polish. A runner-up is the backpack, but unless you have, let it go.

5. Embrace comfort with (sophisticated) sneakers
Stilettos are out, sneakers (yes sneakers) are in. The funkier the better, and the best shoes boast high platforms (just avoid wedge sneakers, as they are beyond over). For summer, try Birkenstocks–they’re ugly-cute, comfy and undeniably still trendy.

Other Fashion Week faves include grey sweatshirts, denim dungarees, jackets as capes and round sunglasses in bright frames. Combine all or some of the above to achieve a ranging degree of It-ness. We believe in you!

Hello. It’s me. ANNOYING me on holidays. At the beach.

Does it help if you know that this post was written BEFORE we went on holidays? Good. Let’s go with that shall we?

I’m talking about shorts today. Specifically wearing shorts.

In Queensland there are some days that shorts are the only thing you can contemplate wearing – any longer in the pant and it all gets too hot and sticky.

So, despite not having super model legs, I’ve long embraced the short.

Just like with my swimwear, I got over myself and my perception that my legs weren’t somehow good enough to be encased in a pair of shorts.

My legs ARE good enough to enable me to do a yoga class or walk the hills where I live so that should be good enough for me. And I’ve decided it is.

If you’ve been following along with my #everydaystyle posts, you will have seen me wearing a different style of short this year. I’m a little obsessed by these from Country Road. By obsessed I mean I now own four of the available six colours (stylist note: buy down at least one size – they are very generous).

I love that they’re the opposite of my streamlined NYDJ shorts of the last couple of summers. They’re cooler to wear and just enable me to wear a variety of different tops that wouldn’t necessarily work with a streamlined short (on me).

The appeal of the loose and lovely short has now extended to this fun pair from independent label Mojo Beach – a label based in – and handmade in – Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

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Avail Matching Products From Online Clothes Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Now, shopping for apparels is an easier option with online clothes shopping sites in Nigeria. All you need to do is just get in touch with the right stores, and make the right choice of products.

Article Body:
Apparels form a major part of fashion statement. It does not mean that you have to spend a hefty amount in order to avail the top-notch quality products, and for a comfortable wear. However, visiting retail outlets is not always possible as you do not have that much time. People are now working under different sectors, and it becomes really difficult to take time off from work and visit the official retail stores, and choose the right clothes. Therefore, people are inclining more towards online clothing stores in Nigeria, where you have the liberty to make the right choices of clothes, with just a click of your mouse button. So, start making your shopping spree, even more interesting.

More on the online stores
There are different prominent advantages, which make online stores a major option, nowadays. However, for the right online clothes shopping sites in Nigeria, you need to do your part of research, as well. There are mainly two types of portals, available. One is the official portal of manufacturing units, where you will get clothes of that particular store, only. On the other hand, there are different generalized online clothes shopping sites available, where clothes of different brands are stored, under one platform. Here, you have more options, as different brands showcase their products, just all under one roof. Therefore, the importance of these stores are increasing at a fast pace.

Checking on the sections
Now, for the better navigation purpose, the online stores are segmented under different major segments, which are further sub-divided under subcategories. For the major section, the online clothes shopping sites in Nigeria are divided under women, men, boys, girls, newborns and maternity collections. Once you have selected any of the platform of your choice, you have the liberty to go through the sub-divisions, all placed in a neat package. These will surely help you to save a lot of time and money, for your use.

More on the shoe section
There are some reliable online clothes shopping sites in Nigeria, where you can get a fascinating collection of shoes. This segment is again divided under four major sub sections, and those are women, men boys and girls. You can either look for the right company, or can start comparing the stores, as per the pre-set budget plans. Shoes form a major part of fashion statement, therefore; make sure to get the right solution, as per your need.

Make a perfect statement
Now, with the online stores, you can make new choices, on a daily basis. The best part is that some online clothes shopping sites in Nigeria are offering free delivery services, in some specific parts of the world. So, what are you waiting for? Just order your gift right now, and the product will be delivered within a time limit of 2 weeks. Therefore, now, you have the liberty to make the perfect choice of your product, without leaving the comfort of your place. These are some of the significant options, along with other additional points, which you can avail from reliable and top-notch quality stores.